CPP Parking Card

CPP Parking Card


Parking Card

We would like to inform our customers that the City has made the decision to discontinue our CPP Parking Card.

If you have a Parking Card, you can continue to use it up until 31 January 2024. Important dates for the transition to phase out the Parking Cards are provided below.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for parking with the City. Further information will be provided directly to our Parking Card customers.


What is a Parking Card?

City of Perth Parking (CPP) Parking Cards is a rechargeable card that is an alternative method of payment to cash or credit card.  It can be used in most CPP car parks at ticket machines and most kerbside on-street meters within the City of Perth.

Plus, every time you recharge you receive a 5% bonus!

Parking Card transition dates:

  • From Monday 18 September 2023 new applications will no longer be accepted
  • From Thursday 30 November 2023 Parking Card top ups will cease
  • From Wednesday 31 January 2024 Parking Card functionality will cease

Important Information:

  • Parking Card deposits will be refunded when the Parking Card is cancelled.
  • Parking Card balances (excluding bonus amounts) can be refunded at any time by cancelling the Parking Card. Please complete and return the Cancellation Form.
  • Parking Card bonus amounts will need to be used before 31 January 2024; bonus amounts are non-refundable.
  • All Parking Cards will cease functionality from 31 January 2024, refunds will be processed from this time.

How to recharge:

  • By phone – call Customer Service at 1300 889 613 during business hours to top up with your credit card
  • In person – at any staffed car park or at the Customer Service Centre at Council House
  • At a payment machine – in boom gate entry car parks insert your Parking Card into the labelled slot and add value

How to use:

  • Use your Parking Card instead of cash or credit card and insert into the labelled slot on the ticket machine when paying for your parking.

How to cancel your Parking Card:

Complete and return the CPP Parking Card Cancellation to the City of Perth either via email or post 

CPP Parking Card Cancellation form


Terms and Conditions apply, see Parking Card Terms & Conditions.

To find out how to conveniently pay for parking on-street and in select CPP Car Parks using the EasyPark App, visit cityofperthparking.com.au/easypark

If you have any questions regarding the discontinuation of the CPP Parking Card, please do not hesitate to contact the team at cppinbox@cityofperth.wa.gov.au