Accessible Parking

The City of Perth provides a number of parking concessions for people with accessibility requirements within the City. These include concessional parking rates to Disability Parking Permit holders when parking off-street within a CPP car park and parking on-street (kerbside). 

Accessible Parking Concession Conditions

These concessions are applicable only to hourly rates and do not apply to block (12 hour etc) rates, discounted fees or event parking. 
  • Concessions are valid within the boundaries of the City of Perth only. 
  • The City of Perth recognises international and interstate Disability Parking Permits. These are valid for a period of 3 months after the permit holder arrives in Western Australia after which a new Disability Parking Permit needs to be obtained from National Disabilities Services (NDS). 
  • To be eligible for any concession, the permit holder must be in the vehicle, either as the driver or as a passenger. 
  • For accessible parking outside the City of Perth please obtain the conditions applicable to the Local Council. 

Parking Off-Street Within A CPP Car Park

Parking Meter Car Parks 
When a Disability Parking Permit holder is parking in an unstaffed car park operated with ticket machines, they must purchase a ticket or pay at the meter for a minimum of 1 hour. When a ticket is provided this must be displayed on the dashboard with their valid Disability Parking Permit. The parking time will remain valid for a further 2 hours after the expiry time. 
Boom Gate Car Parks (When staff on duty) 
When a Disability parking Permit holder is parked in a staffed car park where there is an entry boom gate, they must pay for a minimum of 1 hour and can then park for up to an additional 2 hours for free. The driver will need to redeem the applicable concession by visiting the Customer Service Office prior to exiting the car park. The Customer Service Officer will need to sight the original Disability Parking Permit and will also collect any monies owing. 
Boom Gate Car Parks (When staff are not on duty) 
When a Disability Parking Permit holder is parked in a non-staffed car park where there is an entry boom gate, they must pay for a minimum of 1 hour and can then park for up to an additional 2 hours for free. The Disability Parking Permit holder should pay the full fee and obtain a receipt, then post or email their receipt and a legible copy of their permit to City of Perth parking for a refund. 
Permit holders do not need to redeem their concessions individually; they may retain their receipts and send several at once. 

Accessible Parking at Point Fraser Car Park


From 14 January 2019, CPP are pleased to offer 1 hour of free parking to Point Fraser Car Park patrons between the hours of 6am and 5:59pm. To claim the accessible parking concession at Point Fraser, please follow these instructions:


Option 1: Select the 1 HOUR FREE button, collect your ticket and display on the front dash of your vehicle. The ticket will remain valid for an additional 2 hours after the expiry time on the ticket. This option will allow up to 3 hours of parking.


Option 2: Select the CREDIT CARD option or insert coins to pay for an additional hour (or however many additional hours you require). This option will allow for first hour free + additional hour(s) paid + 2 additional hours post expiry time concession


Please ensure you also display a valid Disability Parking Permit in conjunction with your parking ticket to be eligible for concession.


Use of an Accessible Bay

Disability Parking Permit holders who do not require a wheelchair or walking frame can park in any non-reserved bay within a car park and remain eligible for concession, thus leaving the extra-wide bays for over-size vehicles or customers requiring extra clearance around their vehicle. 

Parking On-Street (Kerbside)

The City also offers accessible parking concessions within general on-street car bays, for further information regarding on-street ACROD parking please visit our website

Unique Circumstances

While City of Perth Parking makes every effort to provide accessible parking, it is not possible to meet every circumstance. CPP places a high degree of importance on ensuring the parking experience is a positive one for all customers so our customer service staff are always available on 1300 889 613 to discuss unique circumstances and work towards a solution acceptable for all.