Motorcycle, Scooter and Moped Parking

1. In CPP Car Parks 

  • Discounted rates do not apply.
  • You must park in a marked motorcycle bay. Parking in a regular bay will attract an infringement.
  • Where car parks have parking meters at the motorcycle bays; you do not obtain a ticket, but use the meter.
  • Where car parks have dedicated motorcycle entrances you must use this entrance and pay the ticket at one of the pay machines before exiting the car park.
  • Where car parks have a boom gate but no dedicated motorcycle entrance, take a ticket at the boom gate and pay at the Customer Service Office before exiting the car park.

- Car parks with dedicated motorcycle entries
Concert Hall, Convention Centre, Elder St, His Majesty's, Pier St, State Library and Terrace Rd

- Car parks with individual parking meters for motorcycles
Council House, Mayfair St, Mounts Bay Rd, Newcastle, Plain St, Regal Place, Royal St and Wellington St

- Car parks with manual payment for motorcycles
Citiplace, Cultural Centre and Roe St

- Car parks with one multi-bay parking meter for the motorcycle parking area
Fire Station, James Street, Queens Gardens and Point Fraser

- Car parks with monthly permit parking for motorcycles
Convention Centre, Elder St and Pier St

2. Kerbside - On-Street

  • You must park in a marked motorcycle bay. Parking in a regular bay or on the footpath will attract an infringement.
  • You must obey time restrictions shown on the signage.
  • Paid parking for motorcycles applies in the City of Perth. Where fees are payable, it will be indicated on the signage below the time restrictions.