About Us

City of Perth Parking (CPP), a commercial parking operator, was established in 1999 as a separate corporate entity from the City, which had previously provided public parking in its own right for many years.

Recognised as being at the forefront of the parking industry in Australia and acknowledged as a leader in public parking in Western Australia, CPP operates 33 car parks (ground level and multi storey), providing just over 10,500 off street parking bays and 5,500 on street parking bays. Over 10 million motorists park at CPP facilities each year.

With proven experience in the car parking business and being at the forefront of industry innovation, CPP is in an unrivalled position to realise the full potential of your business capabilities. CPP’s ability to optimise revenue opportunities and manage costs whilst meeting economic demand, community needs and individual site requirements is reputed in the industry. This is reflected in CPP’s portfolio, which encompasses a broad market sector including hospitality, sports, theatre, convention and exhibition venues, commuter and short stay parking.

CPP’s business management group consists of a Director, Business Manager and Assistant Manager, supported by a team of finance, technical, customer service and administration professionals. A stable and experienced workforce places CPP in a solid position to provide car park management services to property owners and facility managers.


What Can CPP Bring to Your Business?

CPP offers the following comprehensive range of consulting services to help your business:

  • Car park development including consulting, advice on building design, management and operations.
  • Facility and financial management.
  • Preparation and/or review of specification and tender submissions, as well as feasibility studies.
  • Advice on CCTV and security systems.
  • Advice on parking equipment systems and requirements.
  • Understanding and experience of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Safer Design principles.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the City of Perth Parking Local Law 1999, Perth Parking Policy and Perth Parking Management Act 1999.
  • Services offered to Property Managers and Property Owners
  • Car park management and property management.
  • Partnership arrangements.
  • Technical and customer service.
  • Communications, promotions and signage.
  • Parking compliance services.
  • Event parking management (including pre and post event parking and exhibitor services).
  • Automated parking systems (including monitoring and operation, maintenance, reporting and compliance controls).
  • Security (including mobile, static and covert patrols).
  • Closed Circuit Television (including surveillance and operation).
  • Cash collection services (including collection, counting, reporting, banking and audit functions).

CPP’s Service Delivery

CPP has positioned itself as the most sought after car park management group in Australia. CPP’s goals are to provide CPP partners with a profitable and efficient business; the most efficient, consistent and highest quality support services; and resource availability to ensure optimum outcomes are achieved.

CPP recognises that a holistic approach is required to provide a service that meets the standards of today and ensures that its service meets the expectations of its partners, the community and stakeholders.

"The Greener Place to Park"

With an awareness of a need to balance the business focus with a responsibility to the environment, CPP has actively engaged the use of greener technology. Ticket machines in open air car parks and for on street parking bays feature solar technology. Other strategies to reduce energy consumption and vehicle gas emissions include directional signage, low energy lighting, natural ventilation, motorcycle and bicycle storage facilities, establishing car parks close to major distributor roads and differential pricing structures. Furthermore, the opening of the new Elder Street car park saw the first parking facility in Western Australia to provide electric vehicle charging facilities. Adding to the green credentials of the business, 85,000 trees have been planted to off set vehicle gas emissions.

Partner With CPP

CPP invites you to form a profitable partnership that will maximise efficiency and returns from your facility. With a successful track record in car park management and high marketplace recognition, CPP can take the worry out of parking for property owners and managers, as well as patrons.

Contact us to discuss how CPP can assist with your current or future projects.