No Fee Payable Parking Trial (up to 1hr)


Visitors heading to Perth city can now park for free in designated bays in West Perth, East Perth and Claisebrook. With fee payable bays converted to no fee payable bays (up to 1hr), customers can park for free in signposted areas as part of the City of Perth’s 12-month free parking trial.


Three distinct city neighbourhoods have been chosen as part of the trial to encourage visitation, support local business and support street vibrancy. These include:

Royal Street Claisebrook - between Fielder Street and Trafalgar Road (From 15th July 2019)

Hay Street East Perth - Hill Street and Bennett Street (From 12th August 2019)

Hay Street West Perth – Outram Street and Havelock Street (From 9th September 2019)


The free parking trial will provide valuable feedback on the impact of parking in key neighbourhoods of the City of Perth.


Please refer to Street signs at all times for Parking restrictions.