Hark! The sound of holiday parking deals

CPP Parking Angels


CPP is excited to offer you a series of great parking deals to take you through the festive season and beyond. 

Click here to check out our $10 Heavenly Holiday Parking deal at Citiplace, Cultural Centre & Pier Street Car Parks starting Monday 10 December 2018 through to Friday 18 January 2019. 

Get into the City early on Boxing Day to grab those great shopping and dining deals as well and pay only $5 for all day parking at Citiplace, Cultural Centre & Pier Street Car Parks.

And keep an eye out for the CPP Parking Angels who will be dropping in at selected car parks in December to bestow gifts of gold, frankincense and.... just kidding! They'll bestow gifts of FREE PARKING on a few lucky event attendees. But where and when will these Angels be floating by? You'll have to be in the City to find out!