CPP Parking Fees reduced to help City workers during COVID-19

Dear Customers,

All of the City's car parks are open and available for workers commuting to the City in their vehicles.

To support and help the community during COVID-19, City of Perth Parking will implement a flat $10 fee for all day parking in all 34 City owned car parks from Monday 6 April.

Some car parks are already implementing the $10 all day parking fee, these car parks are CPP Terrace Road, Concert Hall, Citiplace and Queens Garden.

The City has increased the cleaning routine for all City of Perth Car Park parking machines to help keep our community and visitors safe.

At this time car park operations are continuing as normal from Monday to Friday, however car parks with no usage may be closed earlier than advertised.

On-street Parking meters are now switched off. Please refer to parking signs for parking requirements. No fee is payable for on street parking bays.

Parking bays marked No Stopping Zones, Clearways, ACROD bays and Loading Zones will be policed. Motorists parking illegally in these bays are subject to enforcement action which may include fines and towing.

These measures will continue until the City is satisfied that safe travel to work options have returned. 

Please refer to carpark operating hours and parking time limits to plan your stay.