CPP Parking Card

The City of Perth offers a CPP Parking Card - an alternative method of payment to cash or credit card. The CPP Parking Card can be used in most CPP car parks, ticket machines and kerbside on-street meters within the City of Perth boundaries.
Plus you receive a 5% bonus with each top-up!

To obtain a CPP Parking Card, please download the application form from the link below, complete the details and email the completed form.

CPP Parking Card application.pdf

CPP Parking Card cancellation form.pdf

For further information on CPP Parking Cards, please telephone 1300 889 613.

Add credit from your credit card by calling 1300 889 613 during business hours or in person at any staffed car park or the Customer Service Centre at Council House.

Please note - If the CPP Parking Card payment option is offline the customer must pay by cash.


Credit Card and EFTPOS Facilities

Credit card, Visa/Mastercard/American Express and EFTPOS facilities are available at all CPP staffed car parks.

Credit card, Visa/Mastercard/American Express are also accepted in the majority of unstaffed CPP car parks via the Pay and Display Ticket machines or Automated Pay on Foot ticket machines. The minimum transaction is $2.00. If the credit card payment option is offline, the customer must pay by cash. Surcharges apply to credit transactions. 

Payment Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicable fees will be determined by:
    1. time of entry and duration of stay (for boom gated car parks); or
    2. time of ticket purchase and duration of stay (for pay and display car parks)
    3. time of payment and duration of stay (for motorcycles and Disability bays using multi-bay meters)
  2. For boom gated car parks, the hourly rate applies either side of the day or night rate times, unless the next day or night rate becomes applicable
  3. If the Credit/Parking card payment facility is offline, or the card payment cannot be completed, customers must use cash.
  4. Selected credit cards accepted. Credit card fees may apply. See fee signage for details.
  5. CPP is not liable for any loss or inconvenience arising from the unavailability of payment facilities.
  6. CPP will not process refund claims caused by customers failing to follow the payment instructions displayed on the machines.
  7. CPP reserves the right to refuse certain note or coin denominations.
  8. For boom gated car parks, lost or damaged tickets will be charged from 8am on the day of entry.

Prepaid Parking - press the GREEN button

Avoid the queues after, by prepaying before!

  1. Press GREEN prepay button
  2. Insert unpaid ticket
  3. Select time
  4. Insert payment
  5. Collect ticket
  6. Insert paid ticket ticket at exit gate