Car Pooling

Car Pooling at Roe St, Mayfair St and Queens Gardens

CPP offers discounted rates for car pooling at 3 major City car parks: Roe Street, Mayfair Street and Queens Gardens. 

Conditions of Car Pooling:

  1. You must have a minimum of 2 people in the vehicle at the time of entry.
  2. Enter the car park between 6.30am and 8.30am, Monday to Friday only. Normal rates apply outside these times.
  3. Car pooling is not available on public holidays.
  4. Check the levels where car pooling is available. Visit the relevant car park's detail page on the website to find out info on rates and where car pooling is available within the car park.
  5. Car pooling bays are subject to availability.

Car Pooling at Mayfair Street and Queens Gardens

Mayfair Street and Queens Gardens have ticket machines programmed to charge car pooling rate from 6.30am to 8.30am and an Officer is on duty to ensure compliance and direct customers to correct floors/car park area.

Car Pooling at Roe St

  1. Take a entry ticket from the ticket dispenser at the boom gate.
  2. Present your entry ticket to the Customer Service Office in the car park.
  3. Once established there is a minimum of 2 people traveling in the vehicle at the time of entry, the Customer Service Officer will issue a car pooling discount ticket.
  4. Park your vehicle in the dedicated car pooling area of the car park (check signs within car park or check with the Customer Service Officer where the car pooling area is located)

Upon returning to Roe St car park

  1. Insert the normal entry ticket into automated pay machine THEN insert car pooling ticket.
  2. Pay fee displayed using cash, credit card or CPP Parking card.
  3. Press receipt button if required.
  4. Only the car pooling ticket will be returned from the machine.
  5. Return to vehicle and insert paid car pooling ticket at boom gate before exiting car park.